Mark Lowry Net Worth and Income
Mark Lowry Net Worth and Income

Mark Lowry Net Worth and Income

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Mark Lowry Net Worth and Income
Mark Lowry Net Worth : $ 1.3 million

Mark Lowry is popular as an American singer and songwriter. He is also a comedian. Mark Lowry Net Worth could reach of $1.3 million. As a song writer Mark is known for co-writing “Mary, Did You Know?” And he ever became the member of the Gaither Vocal Band in 1988-2001

Mark Lowry was born in Houston Texas. He cleverly combines his two talents, comedy and singer. That’s why many people know him well for his unique performance.Whenever he performed songs,  Mark usually put “pause” between one song to another. He then do a comedy monologue and act to fill the space. This made him unique and the people love his performance.

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Lowry ‘s passion in singing has shown when he was young. He attended Liberty Baptist College. There he joined the college’s evangelistic team.

When Bill Gaither asked Lowry to join the Gaither Vocal Band, his name became the people’s attention. He was chose to fill the baritone position. Alongside David Phelps and Michael English he became the members for 13 years. After 13 years passed he decided to do  solo career.

The Source of Mark Lowry Net Worth

Talking about his income, Mark Lowry received them from all his activities in entertainment industry. Especially, when he decided to go as solo career. He has released some solo albums. I Love to Tell the Story, A Hymns Collection, are notable as the most popular. You must also remember about his work in gospel song Mary, Did You Know? (1984). Till now the song is still hot among the fans. Some popular artist even sing the song with theor own styles. Besides, he also appeared in movies. Those included Are You Scared 2, Down Under the Big Top. Mark Lowry Net Worth could reach $ 1.3 million

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