Mark Worman Net Worth and Income
Mark Worman Net Worth and Income

How Much is Mark Worman Net Worth and Income Today?

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Mark Worman Net Worth and Income
Mark Worman Net Worth : $ 500.000

Mark Worman is best known as an automotive mechanic. He also owns an auto body shop and a reality TV show. So far, Mark Worman net worth is estimated around $500 thousand dollars. He is a successful man who fights much to achieve his dream.

Born in Springfield, Oregon in 1962, Young Mark got very hard days. He dropped out of school When he was in 9th grade. Because, he must take care of his family after his father got a cancer. Since kids, Mark’s passion of car has showed. He usually made car toys. And after he no longer went to school, he started to work in various auto-body shops.

His talent and experience brought his name rose. Knowing that his way in auto-body shop ran well, he then make his own auto-body shop, Welbys Car Care Center. Don’t you know? In 2010, A customer ever visit his shop and asked him to restore his 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. This project was recorded by him for the whole the restoration process. The record was the beginning of his TV show Graveyard Carz. This the TV show directed him to popularity and wealth.

The Source of Mark Worman Net Worth

One of the main sources of his income was his automotive activities  in Welbys Car Care Center. His professional and talented skill bring him trust fro the public. The people responded  positively of his shop existence. However, Graveyard Carz, TV show, could be the main cause of his increasing money. By broadcasting his activities in his auto-body shop, he successfully attracted a lot of people to watch the car restoration. The TV show ran for 84 episodes from its first broadcast in 2012. Of course he earn a lot of income from his TV show. Mark Worman Net Worth is around $ 500.000

You should know that Worman built The Division. It is an independent company which produce the reality TV series.

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