Markie Post Net Worth and Income
Markie Post Net Worth and Income

How Much is Markie Post Net Worth and Income?

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Markie Post Net Worth and Income
Markie Post Net Worth and Income

Markie Post is an American actress. She is active in entertainment industry since 1979. She is popular for her role as Terri Michaels in The Fall Guy on ABC from 1982 to 1985, she has starred various TV series and movies. So fa Markie Post Net Worth has reached more or less $12 million.

Born in California in 1950, she was the daughter of Richard F. Post, a scientist. But she didn’t the same way to his father. Markie chose actress as her way of career. Markie completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lewis and Clark College.

In the early of her career, she starred various titles of TV Shows, including “Chip”, her television debut. She appeared in episode Rally ‘Round the Bank”. And her name and popularity raised when she got regular role in The Fall Guy, as Terri Michaels for 64 episodes and as Christine Sullivan in regular Night Court (169 episodes). While her debut film was Gangster Wars in 1981. She played a role as Chris Brennan.

Till now, she is still active in acting. Even though she didn’t accept too much offers. In Chicago P.D , she got 18 episodes. And recently she just appeared in movies in 2017, Sweet Sweet Summertime, Camp Cool Kids, Keep the Gaslight Burning, Four Christmases and a Wedding.

Her charm and ageless beauty might be one of the factors why she is still active right now. She looks sp youthful even though she has been 67 years old.

The source of Markie Post Net worth

Markie Post has spent decades in entertainment industry. And most of them is in acting career. Most of her income are from her appearances in many TV series and Movies. Her role in Night Court also gave her much money. As you know that the TV show ran for 159 episodes. And she got regular role. Markie Post Net worth which reached $12 million dollars is reasonable.


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