Marty Lagina Net Worth
Marty Lagina Net Worth

Treasure Hunter, Marty Lagina Net Worth and Income

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Marty Lagina Net Worth
Marty Lagina Net Worth: $ 100 million

Marty Lagina is a TV personality figure who owned a total of $100 million as his net worth. Assuming that the star is not only active in entertainment industry but also business, it is a normal thing for Marty Lagina Net Worth to reach those numbers. The star was born in the Upper area of Michigan, Kingsford with an interest to explore the Oak Island.

This interest then leads him to his current position as one of the richest men in the world. Yes, his appearance in the hit show of History Channel series had made him receive an innumerable attention of public. The show is entitled as The Curse of Oak Island; it was mainly about the island itself as well as the mystery behind the island.

The first conquest then lead to another after the show became the hot topic within the country. They continue the treasure hunting with Prometheus Ent to promote their show. Aside from being a treasure hunter on a television show, as a businessman, Marty do his business by managing his family’s winery or vineyard.

The Source Marty Lagina Net Worth

You might wonder about the source of his total net worth. Obviously all his career activities contributes a lot in this matter. You can look at how big the reality show he was starred in. Then you can imagine how big the amount that he received from it. Little bird around the internet even reported that his appearance in the series of The Curse of Oak Island alone makes approximately about five hundred thousand dollars.

In addition, the winery that he founded years ago also plays a big role in Marty Lagina Net Worth. The name of the winery is Mari Vineyards. If you are familiar with it, then you know that it is one of the vineyards which have the red wines in a wide variety in Michigan.

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