Maryum Ali Net Worth and Income 2018
Maryum Ali Net Worth and Income 2018

How Much is Maryum Ali Net Worth and Income 2018?

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Maryum Ali Net Worth and Income 2018
Maryum Ali Net Worth : $ 15 million

Maryum Ali is the oldest daughter of Muhammad Ali, the world boxing legend. Unlike his father, Maryum Ali is better known as a writer, a standup comedian, and a rapper. When she was young, she always wanted to entertain people. Maryum Ali net worth is around $15 million.

Maryum Ali grew up with multi-talent. She is much different from his father, who was known as great fighter. May-may chose to enter the entertainment industry. And she began a career as a stand up comedian. She had 12 years of experience in stand up, before she turned her passion to Rap.

In stand up comedy career, she actually got successful career. She ever worked with some popular names including Chris Rock, Jim Carey, and Martin Lawrence. And May even got regular performance in Comedy Store of Hollywood. But she might realize another talent within her that made her change her way. Rapper was her next destination.

Maryum Ali had released an album entitled “the Introduction”. She realized that music was one of the ways to share her thought. She was also able to invite the youth to do their best to achieve their dream.  But after knowing it, for the second time, she changed her focus. Maryum Ali preferred to work in social cause. She left the show business and focus on study in social work.

She manages a non-profit organization, DMTL. This is a gang prevention and youth development program. she co-founded it with Nason Buchanan. She had spent a lot of years to help many people out there.

The source of Maryum Ali Net Worth

Maryum Ali still appears in some TV shows, but not spending time to entertain the people and earned million of income for herself. She took some shows as a media to show the world about social cause and issue. May May has appeared on many television networks including, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, BBC, AL Jazeera, FOX, the Hallmark Channel. May May also appear on A&E’s new docu-series, “60 Days In.”  Maryum put all her  focus and energy for social causes. And Maryum Ali also become an author. For all the activities and career so far, Maryum Ali net Worth has reached $ 15 Million dollars.

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