Matt Dillon Net Worth and Income
Matt Dillon Net Worth and Income

How Much is Matt Dillon Net Worth and Income Today?

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Matt Dillon Net Worth and Income
Matt Dillon Net Worth : $ 40 million

Matt Dillon is actor and movie director who is popular as teen idol in early 1980s. Today, he becomes prominent person in entertainment industry after directing few films. Most of Matt Dillon Net Worth comes from his acting and performance in movies. Furthermore, he also involves in business to expand his net worth.

He was born in February 18, 1964 in New York City. His mother is Mary Ellen and his father is Paul Dillon, sales manager and portrait painter. He has brother, Kevin Dillon, who is also actor for some movies. Acting and drama might not what he wants during high school. He participated in movie audition unintentionally, but landed as actor in first debut with title Over the Edge. The movie is about violent teen theme.

After the first film, he involved in second movie called Little Darlings and My Bodyguards. The latter was movie about teenage drama life where Dillon played as antagonist character. The first debut was well received and the next movies showed him as the top teen idol.

The Source Of Matt Dillon Net Worth

Other films from Matt Dillon are Tex, Liar’s Moon, The Outsiders, Rebel, Kansas, A Kiss Before Dying, Golden Gate, To Die For, There’s Something About Mary, Crash, Amores, Takers, Modern Family, and Going In Style. He has played characters in various genres, such as romantic, drama, comedy, action, thriller, and mystery. From those movies, he received several awards and nominations.

Matt Dillon has long career for over three decades. It gives him more experiences and net worth. Based on recent estimation, Matt Dillon Net Worth is approximately $40 million. This number is not fixed as he is still active to play in upcoming movies and becoming producer. With vast wealth, he owns almost many things from apartment, cars, house, and other luxury items.

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