Maurice Starr Net Worth and Income
Maurice Starr Net Worth and Income

How Much is Maurice Starr Net Worth and Income?

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Maurice Starr Net Worth and Income
Maurice Starr Net Worth :  $10 million

Maurice Starr is a popular American singer and song writer. He is actually a solo musician. And he loves creating song for soul or Pop Band. New Edition, Con Funk Shun, and the New Kids on the Block are some band associated with him. Currently, Maurice Starr Net Worth reached $ 10 million.

Maurice Starr is his stage name. He was born 1953 with name Lawrence Curtis Johnson. In the early 1970s, Johnson moved to Massachusetts and he ever became a member of The Johnson Brothers. He also changed his name to Maurice Starr as his stage name. He realized that becoming a soloist didn’t make him successful. So, he decided to form a band and singing the songs he wrote. In fact, his decision bring him to the good way.

The source of Maurice Starr Net Worth

Beside his career as a singer and song writer, surely most of his income was from managing two successful group band New Edition and The New Kids on The Block. So that Maurice Starr Net Worth reach $ 10 million.

In 1982 at a talent show, Maurice found an R&B group from Boston, “New Edition.”. He discovered a big deal with this group, so he then co-wrote and co-produced the group’s debut album. Two of hit singles he co-wrote are “Is This The End,” and “Candy Girl.”
Unfortunately, the collaboration between Maurice Starr and The New Edition did go for long time. They went to separate ways due to a creative differences issue. The group still ran well, and Maurice needed two years to find the new one. And the group was New Kids On The Block.Maurice stated that New Kids on the Block was the white version of new Edition. This group consists of 5 male teenagers. He quoted (taken from wikipedia),

“I honestly believe that if they’d been white, [New Edition] would have been 20 times as big.”

And as he had expected, the white version of New Edition was accepted in the heart of their fans. The Five Man achieve their popularity and success in a short period of time.
After reaching success with New Kids on the Block, currently, the 65 years old man is managing NK5. Let’s see whether they can reach success like their big brothers.

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