Michael Flatley Net Worth and Income
Michael Flatley Net Worth and Income

How Much is Michael Flatley Net Worth and Income ?

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Michael Flatley Net Worth and Income
Michael Flatley Net Worth and Income

Michael Flatley is a popular dancer and top choreographer from America. His career as a dancer is very successful. Due to his performance, he was listed among the richest dancer in the world. Michael Flatley net worth reached more than 300 million dollars.

Born in Chicago in 1958, Michael Flatley is popular for his contribution for dancing competition in Ireland. And his name become so popular for many creations of dance including Riverdance, Celtic Tiger, Feet of Flames and Lord of the Dance. He got a lot of fans for the show. Those even become popular around the world.

His passion of dance has showed when he was still 11. He learned dancing intensively. And He became the first American who secured a World Irish Dance title at Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne. In fact, Michael is multi-talented. Young Michael learned amateur boxing and learned as flutist as well.  He won the All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil Concert 2 years in a row.  The blood of dancing was from his mother. She was an Irish dancer. And his father is the one who become his inspiring person. In some moment, Michael Flatley told that his father was the most influential person behind his successful career.

Flatley ever tried to open class for dancers. But he closed it due to his willingness to focus on performance.  In 1970s to 1980s, he often went touring.

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When created some dances, his popularity increase.  Lord of the Dance was even played for many traditional events. He expanded the dance into updated version with Feet of the Flame. He performed with this dance in 1998 with almost 100 dancers at the Route of Kings section of London’s Hyde Park. The other dance like Celtic dance also reach success in various performances.

The Sources of Michael Flatley Net Worth

Michael Flatley income was mostly from his performances in many events. His creation in dancing is also used in many events. Of course his popularity and contribution to World’s dance development, he deserved much money. Michael Flatley Net Worth even reach more than $ 300 million.

For his contribution. In October 2013, The Irish Post Awards awarded  him “the Lifetime Achievement”. Because he gave significant impact for dance as a global dance superstar and entrepreneur. Flatley also received an award from a National Endowment for the Arts. This is National Heritage Fellowship, the highest honor from United state’s government.

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