Michael Jackson Net Worth
Michael Jackson Net Worth

King of Pop, Michael Jackson Net Worth and Income

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Michael Jackson Net Worth
Michael Jackson Net Worth : $ 825 million

Michael Jackson net worth is still rising even after his death. He is surely unbeatable celebrity in the entertainment industry. To remind you how great he is, let’s look back for a moment. He was born on August 1958. He was died in age 50 on June 25th, 2009. When news about his death was everywhere, all his fans around the world were in deep condolence. All hearts and prayers were with him at that time. In fact, his death was shocking.

This great entertainer was popular as King of Pop. A nickname which best describes him. His passion in the entertainment industry was pure and full of spirit. The Jackson 5 was where his entire career began. Along with other Jackson brothers, they were grouped in The Jackson 5 in 1964. In 1971, Michael Jackson started to work as a solo entertainer.

His popularity in the solo career was incredible. Several songs in his early debut such as “Billie Jean”, “Beat It” were such a help to boost up his career. He was a dominant celebrity at that time. No wonder that his fans were around the globe. He was indeed a global celebrity. Regarding his family, he got married to two women in the past. Unfortunately, he got divorced with either the first wife or the second.

Michael Jackson Net Worth Is Amazing

Along his career, his selling albums were spectacular. One of the best albums sold widely and massively was “Thriller”. The selling of the album was over 66 million copies. In line with that, the time when he passed away, he was then credited to be the biggest-selling artist.

Even up to today, this dead man keeps earning his penny from various sources. Based on some sources, Michael Jackson net worth is up to $825 million.


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