Mike Krieger Net Worth and Income
Mike Krieger Net Worth and Income

Mike Krieger Net Worth, Income 2018 as The Instagram Founder

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Mike Krieger Net Worth and Income
Mike Krieger Net Worth : $100 million

By 2017, Mike Krieger net worth is should be around $100 million. He earns this great amount of wealth as he successfully pursues his career as an entrepreneur and a software engineer. He is very popular as one of the founders of Instagram. This is the biggest photo sharing appĀ  used by more than 300 million people in the world.

Krieger was a Brazilian who was born in Sao Paulo on March 4th, 1986. He went to Stanford University to study studied symbolic system. He started to study there in 2004 and graduated in 2008. While studying in this university, he met his friend Kevin Systrom who later became his partner in developing Instagram. Before developing Instagram, he started his career by working at Meebo and Mountain View. He also had his apprenticeship in Microsoft.

Krieger and Systrom build a software company named Burbn, Inc. which focuses on developing mobile apps. In 2010, they launched Burbn which later became Instagram. This application received a huge positive response from its users. The next two years after its launching, Facebook took over Instagram for $100 billion.

How much is Mike Krieger Net Worth?

Mike Krieger accumulates his net worth from Burbn and Instagram. These company and application become the main source of income from him. Besides his business in Instagram and Burbn, it is known that he also focuses on philanthropist activities with a charity organization, GiveWell, in 2015. He contributed $750,000 to support its projects.

Krieger owns several properties. One of them is a big house located in Sans Francisco. He lives there with his wife, Katlyn Trigger. Inside his house, there is a lot of art collection, including sculptures made by Kris Martin and paintings by Garth Weiser. As Instagram is still potentially hyped by its users for the next following years, it is predicted that Mike Krieger net worth will keep increasing impressively.


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