Mike Pompeo Net Worth and Income
Mike Pompeo Net Worth and Income

How Much is Mike Pompeo Net Worth and Income Today?

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Mike Pompeo Net Worth and Income
Mike Pompeo Net Worth : $ 345.000

Another name who is rising in President Trump’s administration is Mike Pompeo. Born on December 30th 1963, in Orange, California, he is a politician. As you might know, he was appointed by Donald Trump to replace Rex Tillerson. The position is Secretary of State. In accordance with his popularity today, people wonder about Mike Pompeo net worth. Before he gets on his position today, he has worked as Director of the CIA. Again, Mr. President was the one who selected him on November 2016. He was in that position from 2017 until 2018.

Before his position as a Director, he was a member of the United States House of Representatives. At that time he was from Kansas’s 4th district. In the politic field, his political party is Republican. In addition, he is also a lawyer and former U.S. Army officer. Aside of his position now as Secretary of State, he has done several things in life. In 1986, he went to the U.S Military Academy and took mechanical engineering. He also attended Harvard Law School and got a Juris Doctor.

In line with his personal life, he has married to Susan Pompeo. They have a son namely Nicholas. Mike Pompeo is also famous recently for being a spokesperson that has a discussion with President of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

How Much Is Mike Pompeo Net Worth Today?

As seen above, Mike Pompeo is an experienced man in his field. There are still many things to talk about when it comes to him. Regarding political positions in his life, there are several topics he has been in such as healthcare, energy, environment, and others.

When we discuss Mike Pompeo net worth, it can be said that his net worth is not much. It is mentioned that his net worth is $345.000. Compared to previous Secretary State, his net worth is little.

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