Milo Ventimiglia Net Worth and Income
Milo Ventimiglia Net Worth and Income

‘This Is Us’ Actor, Milo Ventimiglia Net Worth and Income

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Milo Ventimiglia Net Worth and Income
Milo Ventimiglia Net Worth : $ 12 million

You must be already familiar with Milo Ventimiglia. The actor participated in 2016 released TV Series as Jack Person. The great acting that he’d shown on the recent TV Series makes him well-known among the series enthusiasts. However, who knows that he was actually recognized way before this? Well, insiders even reported that his excellent career in the entertainment industry for the last decades had led him to accumulate a total of $12 million as Milo Ventimiglia net worth.

As someone who was originally interested in pursuing an acting career, the American actor had made his debut through a movie in 1997. The first role that he got when joined the movie is a gay teenager. Slowly, he made his name known through another project in 2000

After the series ended, the theater majored graduate continues to star in a several other TV series. The longest project that he participated in was a series from NBC in 2006 until 2010. It was “Heroes” where he played the role of Peter Petrelli. This is where his career takes a major turn. The role he played had made him receive the couples of awards.

The Source of Milo Ventimiglia Net Worth

On 2016 alone, his net worth only reached $5 million. Moreover, the recent news had said that he has approximately $12 million as his total wealth. This number shows how impressive he is with his career life.

That being said, the major source of the wealth obviously comes from his activities as an actor. You can see it by yourself just how many movies and series he had starred in. In addition, you can assume that his other occupations as a producer, writer, or director also contribute well in the total of Milo Ventimiglia net worth.

Don’t you know some media told that he ever traded his car for lunch for the crew. Milo donated his car for scene in ‘This is Us”. As quoted in, he said,

“Okay, well you can use my car no problem, but whatever you’re going to pay me for it goes back to coffee trucks and burger trucks for the crew.”

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