Neal McCoy Net Worth as a Country Music Singer

Neal McCoy Net Worth as a Country Music Singer

Neal McCoy Net Worth as a Country Music Singer

As a singer, Neal McCoy net worth reached an estimation of $10 million throughout his years of career. He was born Hubert Neal McGaughey Jr. but known better as Neal McCoy, born in July 30, 1958. He started his music career as a country song musician in America. Neal originally came from Nashville, Tennessee, United States and grew in Jacksonville, Texas.

So far, Neal has released over 34 singles towards country radios. In 1988, he once charted his single on Billboard Hot Country Songs but unable to reach top 40 until 1992. Neal McCoy has been an active country singer since 1988 up to this day affiliated with numerous labels. Those labels include Warner Bros., Atlantic, 16th Avenue, etc.

His professional name, Neal McCoy, is taken from his surname’s phonetic spelling. He first signed with independent label 16th Avenue Records in 1988 where he began his music career. Neal released two singles back then but decided not to release an album for his label. McCoy then continued his career through tours and became opening act until 1990 for Pride event. In that exact year, 16th Avenue Records label closed and Neal decided to go on by signing with Atlantic Records.

Neal McCoy Net Worth and His Country Music Career

Further details regarding his latest activities and status today is rare to come by. He switched from labels to labels throughout his career, constantly moving due to circumstances. In mid-2000s, Nashville division of Atlantic Records label closed down pushing McCoy’s latest album at that time issued through Giant Records.

Most of Neal McCoy net worth definitely came from his country music career and chart topping singles. As a country music singer, McCoy is quite popular and known compared to other country musicians. Due to country music genre not being public favorite anymore, that fact hindered McCoy’s progress as a singer.



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