My Big Fat Greek Wedding
My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Nia Vardalos Net Worth and Income

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Nia Vardalos Net Worth
Nia Vardalos Net Worth $ 11 million

Nia Vardalos is a Canadian-American celebrity. Her name became so popular when she starred My Big Fat Greek Wedding. And she is also the writer of the movie. She must be proud of her talent. She is not only good in acting, but she is also good as a screen writer. It was showed from the movie. Nia was nominated in many awards for her performance as an actress and as writer as well. Currently, Nia Vardalos net worth reaches $11 million.

She has married to an actor called Ian Gomez annually 1993. To show his love to Nia Vardalos, Ian had converted into Greek Orthodox. They also adopted a daughter named Ilaria in 2008. They shared their announcement to Huffington Post. Ian Gomez himself is an American actor. he ever played as alongside Keri Russell as Javier in Felicity.

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Her appearance in My Big Fat Greek Wedding was really excellent. The movie ha attracted a lot of people to watch and became box office in 2002. The income from the movie reached 368.7 million USD. Tom Hanks was also behnd the successful movie. Tom Hanks got a role as a producer of the movie.

Nia Vardos is talented celebrity. not all the celebrities have talent like hers. She is successful in both acting and writing. Some movies that include her as  a writers are “Connie and Carla“, “I Hate Valentine’s Day, “Larry Crowne“. And in 2016, she also do writing for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Even though it was not as successful as the previous one. Many people still love to watch it.

The source of Nia Vardalos Net Worth

The biggest income was from the movies she starred. He had taken roles in some movies. And My Big Fat Greek Wedding had brought into different popularity level She also got more income as writers. Besides, she also got mny role in many TV series including Team Knight Rider. She got a role as a voice actor for Domino


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