Paget Brewster Net Worth and Income
Paget Brewster Net Worth and Income

How Much is Criminal Minds Star, Paget Brewster Net Worth and Income

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Paget Brewster is known well as an American actress and a singer too. She was firstly recognized by the public after her appearance in Sitcom “Friends”. She took a role as Kathy on the forth season. Paget Brewster then got regular role as Emily Prentiss in CBS’ Criminal Minds. So far, Paget Brewster Net Worth should be around $ 4 million dollars.

Paget Brewster Net Worth and Income
Paget Brewster Net Worth and Income

Paget was born in 1969 in Concord. His father and mother are not celebrity. Her mother worked for Government Official, while his father worked as administrator school. Paget ever attended Parsons School of Design, before she decided to drop out. She wanted to focus on acting career. She even took an acting class in  San Fransisco.

in the beginning of her career, she hosted Paget, a late-night talk show in San Fransisco in Bay Area. She was in program since 1994 to 1995 with 65 episodes. And her appearance as Kathy in Friends really made her to be some thing. She got the media attention, she received some offers to act in some movies and TV shows. including Desperate But Not Serious, Now You Know, Love & Money, Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Huff etc.

And she finally got main regular role in Criminal Minds as Emily Prentiss. This TV series has run for 13 seasons with 299 episodes. She played alongside Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler , A.J. Cook , etc.

Besides, she was also involved in some animated series and movies as a voice actor. She voiced as Audrey Timmonds in Godzilla: The Series, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, etc. Recently, she also took voice actor in Batman and Harley Quinn, as Ivy poison.

The Source of Paget Brewster Net Worth

Paget Brewster is best known for her role as TV actress. Her role in some TV series is surely the biggest source of Paget Brewster Income. Her role in Criminal Minds doesn’t only give her fame but also increase the amount of money in her bank account as well.   She gained more income as  a voice actor too.

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