Pam Grier Net Worth and income
Pam Grier Net Worth and income

How Much is Pam Grier Net Worth and Income?

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Pam Grier Net Worth and income
Pam Grier Net Worth : $10 million

Pamela Suzette Grier, or Pam Grier is  an American actress. She turned famous during in early of 1970s for starring some movies such as The Big Bird Cage, Coffy, Foxy Brown and Sheba Baby. And her popularity significantly increased after she starred in Quentin Tarantino’s film Jackie Brown. Due to her excellent performance, she got nominated in some classy awards. She was nominated as the best actress in Golden Globe, SAG Award, and Satellite Award. Currently, Pam Grier net worth might reach 10 million dollars.

Pm Grier was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, U.S. However, his father’s military career brought her family to several places like England. When she stayed in here, he usually performed in many stage productions and follow beauty contests. Some news reported that joined the contest to get some money for  her college tuition.

Jackie Brown might be her best movie ever. And in 2001, she played in “Bone”, when she got a nomination for  Best actrees in motion picture by Black Reel Award

She is also very popular for her appearance as Kit in TV show L Word. This TV show ran for 6 seasons. Currently, In 2017 she had just taken a role in a movie Bad Grandma. And she also appear in a movie “Rose” as Lily.

Moreover, she was too nominated for many awards on account of her work done in the Tarantino film. It was in year 2010 that she started performing in a recurrent role on a fiction series entitled as Smallville in form of a villain named Amanda Waller.

Talking about her relationship. A basketball payer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar even purposed her to become his wife. Kareem had just converted to Islam. And he wished that Pam Grier would do the same.Unfortunately, Pam Grier denied it.

The Source of Pam Grier Net Worth and Income

Most of her income was from acting in some movies and TV show. She had starred various titles of movies along her career. And so far, Pam Grier Net Worth has reached 10 million dollars. She is still active, even though she is not  young anymore. In fact, she should be good example for the young to keep on the track.

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