How Much is Pat McCrory Net Worth, from Mayor to Governor ?

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Pat McCrory Net Worth
Pat McCrory Net Worth

The man who is known as the longest reigning Mayor of Charlotte, Pat McCrory remains his popularity as a successful politician and businessman. Developing the career, he joined the election of a bigger area, North Carolina, and won it in 2012. By running business and leading some big areas, Pat McCrory net worth is around $1.5 million.

Well known as Charlotte’s Mayor, Pat McCrory is not a Charlotte native. Born in Columbus, Ohio, he moved with his family and grew up in North Carolina. He attended a local college, Catawba College majoring Political Science and Education. His leadership started to grow up since he was in college as he joined the Student Government Association.

In 1989 he started his real political career in city of Charlotte as Councilman specifically in Mayor Pro Tem until 1995. Gaining sufficient knowledge and confident, he joined the city election represented Republican party in 1995. Surprisingly, he won and maintained to be city’s mayor for fourteen years until 2009. He quitted becoming a mayor when he started to spread his wings to North Carolina. Pat joined the gubernatorial election, but he lost. He tried again in 2012 and succeeded. He became North Carolina’s Governor from 2013 to 2016. In the next election, he joined again but lost.

The Sources of Pat McCrory Net Worth

After the loss in 2009, Pat was back in his business. Remained active in his party, he was also active again in family company McCrory & Company. He was also a director at, making his $138,000 and at Kewaunee Scientific for $38,000. Lately, he initiated the 74Leadership Inc.

Pat McCrory net worth is considered fantastic. Based on some sources, Pat McCrory salary was estimated reach to $141,265. In Charlotte, he possesses $516,000 house and $600,000 house in McDowell County. While in corporate board Family Dollar stock, he possessed 7,439 shares.


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