Paul Anka Net Worth 2018
Paul Anka Net Worth 2018

How Much is Paul Anka Net Worth 2018

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Paul Anka Net Worth 2018
Paul Anka Net Worth : $85 million

Paul Albert Anka is professionally known as Paul Anka. He is a musician. He is popular for his hit tunes. Some of them included “Lonely Boy”, “Diana”, “Having my Baby”. For his great contribution in music and entertainment Industry, Paul Anka was listed in Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Paul Anka was born on 30th July 1941 in Ottawa, Canada. Paul Anka had married 3 times. And her current wife is Lisa Pemberton. Paul Anka has 6 children.

Talking about his masterpiece, you might know about a song “Diana”. It was said to be his first single. Many people commented that he composed the song with very beautiful melody. They even believed that this is the NO. 1 melody on the planet. Diana went to more than 20 million copies.

Don’t you know? Paul composed the signature tune for The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’s ? Besides, the 76 years old also had collaborated with many other stars including Michael Jackson, Tom Jones, Elvis Presley etc. He became good friends with Frank Sinatra as well. There’s no dubt his excellent talent bring him to win award in 1975. He won Juno Award for Songwriter of the Year. While in 1980, he was on the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

The Source of Paul Anka Net Worth and Income

Paul Anka’s name is very popular not only an America but he is popularly worldwide. Most of his income was from his Music talent. He composed songs, sings, and he also got millions of fans in the world. His great career bring him to be one of the most successful musician in the world. The total off Paul Anka Net Worth is around $85 million.

Paul Anka currently is spending his old day. And he is still active. He even has a tour and concerts in 2018. Some of you might have watched his appearance. He is a really talented and inspiring man for many young stars though.

Short Info about Paul Anka Bio

Full NameBernard John Taupin
Place, Date of BirthSleaford, UK. May 22. 1950
Social MediaPaul Anka Instagram (@paulankaofficial)
Net Worth$ 85 million

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