Paul Rudd Net Worth and Income
Paul Rudd Net Worth and Income

The Ant-Man, Paul Rudd Net Worth and Income 2018

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Paul Rudd Net Worth and Income
Paul Rudd Net Worth : $ 30 million

Who doesn’t know Paul Rudd? He is popular American actor. In recent years, his name turned more famous after starring a Marvel Superhero, “Ant-Man”. Soon, There will be “Ant-Man and the Wasp”, which released in July 2018. Paul Rudd Net Worth reached $ 30 million.

Paul Rudd had starred several movies and TV drama. He began his career in a TV drama “The sisters” in 1992. He also appeared in popular movie Romeo + Juliet as Dave Paris, etc. And his appearance in Ant-Man might be one of the most notable roles. He successfully stole the media lime light and the public. His name was even honored in The Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2015. Cinemacon Awards chose him as the winner for Male Star of the Year for his appearance in Ant-Man.

The Ant-Man became box office while receiving US$519,3 millions of income. Some sources told that Paul Rudd salary in Ant-Man reached $ 300.000. The fans thought that it was less than he deserved.

In 2016, he played on the same stage with other popular stars like Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, etc. They all played in one movie, Captain America: Civil War.

The Source of Paul Rudd Net Worth and Income

Most of Paul Rudd Income was from his acting career. He has starred various titles of movies and TV series.  After playing in Ant Man, Paul Rudd turned to be one of the most popular actors in the world. In that movie, he was paid for $ 300.000. Rudd also has featured in a total of 34 TV series.

Soon, He will appear in Ant Man the Wasp, his second movie of Ant Man. The salary that he received for starring this movie was unclear. But surely, it will increase the total about of Paul Rudd Net Worth. Seeing from the trailer, it seems, the movie will shake the theaters. He should receive higher salary though


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