Peter Cullen Net Worth and Income
Peter Cullen Net Worth and Income

How Much is Peter Cullen Net Worth and Income?

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Peter Cullen Net Worth and Income
Peter Cullen Net Worth and Income

Peter Cullen is best known as a Canadian Voice actor. He has dubbed many popular voice. Some of his famous work are characters like Eeyore in Winnie-the-Pooh, Optimus Prime and Ironhide. His golden voice had put him in the list of  the richest voice actors in Canada. Peter Cullen net worth has reached $ 6 million dollars.

he has worked in entertainment industry since 1962. He firstly started his career in a TV cartoon “The Jetsons” as additional voice. The he also dubbed various popular animation. Some of them including “Scooby-Doo and Scrappy Doo”, “the Smurfs” “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” etc. He finally got popularity after becoming the voice actor for Optimus Prime, one of the main character in Transformers.And he also made the voice for Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh since 1988.

Peter Cullen has a unique and pretty voice. Due to his great work with Optimus Prime, many people remembered him very well. Earlier, he was the voice actor for Prime in the cartoon series. And when it was made into the Live Action, his role was become one of the reasons to watch this movie. Of course it made his name popular worldwide.

The Source of Peter Cullen Net Worth and Income

As we know, Peter Cullen has starred various titles of Movies and TV series. But he gained more popularity by  becoming the voice actors for several cartoons. And his biggest income could be from the Transformers franchise. Not only in TV cartoon, he also took role in Transformers live action movie. From his hard work, Peter Cullen Net Worth has reached more than 6 million dollars. 

Don’t you know? Cullen had puthis handprints in .Optimus Prime Chinese Theatre Handprint Ceremony in September 2014


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