Young Rapper Playboi Carti Net Worth
Young Rapper Playboi Carti Net Worth

Young Rapper Playboi Carti Net Worth and Income 2018

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Young Rapper Playboi Carti Net Worth
Playboi Carti Net Worth : $ 9 million

Playboi Carti is an Atlanta born rapper who has a total of $9 million as his net worth. Obviously, this number of Playboi Carti Net Worth is impressive remembering that he is a kid who born in late 90’s. As most youngsters still struggle to grasp what they really want and what they need to do as a young adult, Carti seems to know his potential and how to make use of it well from early age.

During his teenage, he even skipped classes and opted to work on the music instead. At some point, he also chose to shop in a thrift store—in which, this hobby then influenced his music and fashion style. As for his career, there is no exact year in which he debuted but it seems like he started way earlier because in 2012, he already changed his name as Playboi Carti. Yes, when he was debuted, he used the name of Sir Cartier.

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At the first months of his debut, everything seems too normal for a superstar. There is no special reaction from the public regarding his debut. His fame began to rise last year, which was when he released a self-titled mixtape.

The Source of Playboi Carti Net Worth

All his hit songs without a doubt became the main source of his income. With how well all those songs charted in the local charts as well as Billboard, they definitely contributes in the total of his net worth. The records above achieved by one of his albums only serve as an example.

More than that, his single which entitled wokeuplikethis charted #25 and #32 in US Rap and R&B respectively. In addition to that, another song of his also charted as #18 and #23 in the very same categories. All of this achievement—which lead to Playboi Carti Net Worth—had made him to be included as highest paid rappers.

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