How Much R Truth Net Worth and Income

R Truth Net Worth and Income

R Truth Net Worth and Income

If you hear the name Ronnie Killings, you might have no idea about who he is. Because, Ronnie is better known for his Ring name, R Truth. R Truth is a professional wrestler of WWE. Based on some sources, R Truth net worth today is around $ 2 Million

Born in 1972, R Truth is actually not only wrestler. He is also popular as a rapper. Earlier, R Truth wanted to focus on his music career as a rapper. Jackie Crockett of the National Wrestling Alliance was the man who tried to convince him to fight in ring. At the beginning, Jackie failed. And after 2 years spending time in music, R Truth recall Jackie and ask for another chance to become wrestler.

Besides R-Truth, he also has another name K-Kwik. With these 2 names, he got to different titles. As R-Truth, He became the winner of a one time United States Champion and as a K-Kwik, he won Two time Hardcore Champion and NWA World Heavyweight Championship. And WWE has brought his name to Popularity. He won WWE Tag Team Championship with Kofi Kingston.

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The Source of R Truth Net Worth

R Truth is really talented person. He looks strong in the ring and heĀ  looks totally different on stage as rapper. And he actually do some acting as well. In 2003 he played in “Head of State”. He also got role in “The Wrestler” (2008). And recently, in 2016 an 2017, he played in 2 movies including Break Dance Revolution and Blood Brother. As a rapper, R Truth has produced two albums, Invincible and Killing It. Those are some sources of his income. he earned money from acting, wrestling and Rapping. According to, R-Truth salary as a wrestler for WWE annually reach $350.000. While one of the most popular wrestler John Cena could earn $ 5 million dollars annually. R Truth could get more. Let’s see what he probably do soon.

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