Rain Net Worth and Income
Rain Net Worth and Income

How much is Korean Star, Rain Net Worth and Income

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Do you know Jung Ji-hoon? If you are not Korean lovers, then it won’t be easy to recognize him. Jung Ji-hoon is a Korean actor and singer. But he is best known for his stage name, Rain. Rain net worth is estimated around US $ 20 million.

Rain Net Worth and Income
Rain Net Worth: $ 20 million

In 2004, Rain and Song Hye Kyo successfully hypnotized a lot of people not only in domestic but also some countries in the world, especially Asia. Both stars played  in a Korean Drama “Full House”.

His debut was actually not as an actor. He debuted in entertainment industry as a member of Fanclub, a  boy band in 1998 till 2000. The band disbanded after they went unsuccessful commercially. Rain then begin a solo career in 2002. Surprisingly, his  first album, Bad Guy stole the media limelight. He gained more popularity and released his second album, Rain 2. Since then, he has released the other albums and still went successfully. His decision to go on solo career was the best choice.

In acting career Jung Ji-hoon was said as the first Korean actor who go through the Hollywood. He debuted in Hollywood by playing as the main character in Ninja Assassin (2009). This movie became box office with income reached USD 61 million.That’s why his name is popular worldwide.

Some other Korean dramas and movies he starred included East of Eden, “please come back mister!”, “My Lovely Girl”, etc. 

Beside actor and singer, he also spend some times in business. He has real estates business and  his own entertainment company named R.A.I.N.

The Source of Rain Net Worth and Income

Rain is really multi-talented idol. He is not only good in singing, but he is also popular for his acting. Most of his income was from entertainment. His sold albums, concerts, acting in movies and dramas, are his biggest income so far. Besides, he also manages some business. His real estate business went well and profitable. And his R.A.I.N company will make him stand independently. Rain Net Worth and income reached $ 20 million.

Nowdays, Rain lived happily as an entertainer and a husband. He married to Popular actress, Kim Tae Hee.


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