Randall Pich Net Worth and Income 2018
Randall Pich Net Worth and Income 2018

How Much is Randall Pich Net Worth and Income 2018?

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Randall Pich Net Worth and Income 2018
Randall Pich Net Worth : $ 8 Million

Have you ever heard about RP Fitness and Live Fit Apparel? Don’t you know? Randall Pich is behind it. He is the young entrepreneur who own them. Currently Randall Pich Net Worth is around $8 million.

Of course Randall didn’t get all the things instantly. Young Randall got a very hard days. He needed to live in the middle of poverty and gang wars in 1980s. Randall had to work hard to achieve all of these. realizing that he must change his life, he decided to stand up to to show the world that he can go further as Cambodian in America. He is building his business with a brand called “Live Fit Apparel”.

His own famous Live Fit brand began when he was teenager. He used to join a band and went touring. From his experience by joining a band, he could get more income and popularity as well. He then tried to create merchandises to his fans. Surprisingly, he got a positive response from the public and  fans. Randal expanded his merchandise business by  producing t-shirt, hats, and other types. After knowing that his business ran well. He then create his own apparel. This business made him a millionaire.

Earlier, he also ever work as a personal trainer. And now, Randall is popular with his RP Fitness. From some of his videos, he showed the people how o get a proportional body building

The source of Randall Pich Net Worth and Income

His successful Brand “Live Fit ” had made him a really rich young entrepreneur. This is his biggest income. The apparel had produced many kinds of clothing and cool stuffs. And he could design an innovative clothing that made many people want to  buy Some of could be his costumers. He might be so pleased with this because his hard-work in the past is paid very well.

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