Ravi Zacharias Net Worth and Income
Ravi Zacharias Net Worth and Income

How Much is Ravi Zacharias Net Worth as the Indian Apologist?

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Ravi Zacharias Net Worth and Income
Ravi Zacharias Net Worth : $ 7.5 million

Born from a Christian Indian family, Ravi Zacharias was an atheist. He got his ‘call’ right after his failed attempt to suicide. That moment was his life-changing that brought him to his present success. Recently, he manages his own ministry. He publishes several award-winning books and speaks in various radio programs. No wonder, Ravi Zacharias net worth is now put on the top list of rich pastors in the world.

Referring to his background, he has Nambudiri Brahmin caste running in his blood. However, his mother had converted to Christian and married a Christian from Kerala. Born in Madras and grew up in Delhi, Ravi immigrated to Canada with his family by the time he was twenty to get his undergraduate degree from Ontario Bible College.

Before graduated, Ravi even had started traveling the world carrying his holy mission. In 1971, he was sent to Vietnam to evangelize American soldiers. A year later, after his graduation, he then traveled to many countries like Cambodia, Netherlands, India, Russia, Colombia and other countries. Ravi Zacharias International Ministry known as RZIM is one of his milestones. Far before, he collaborated with Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada and itinerant ministry.

Ravi Zacharias Net Worth Sources

Running one of biggest ministries in the world, Ravi Zacharias is in the list of wealthy pastors. RZIM annual income as reported in 2016 reached 30.2 million. Despite his ministries, Ravi also gains his wealth from publishing many books such as, Deliver Us from Evil, The Kingdom of the Cults, Can Man Live Without God, and many others.

Besides writing books, he is also popular as an International speaker and a guest lecturer. He ever appeared in Harvard University, University of Georgia and University of Michigan. Other than speaking in formal forums, he speaks in several Radio programs as well conducted by his ministries and even CNN. Well, all those and less-exposed activities contribute to over $7.5 million Ravi Zacharias net worth.


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