Ray Liotta Net Worth and Income
Ray Liotta Net Worth and Income

How Much is Goodfellas Star, Ray Liotta Net Worth and Income

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Ray Liotta Net Worth and Income
Ray Liotta Net Worth : $ 14 million

Ray Liotta is American actor. Liotta is best known for his role in the Goodfellas (1990). There he played as Henry Hill. Earlier in 1986 his name became so famous for his role as Ray Sinclair in Something Wild. Ray Liotta Net Worth is estimated around 14 million dollars now.

Ray was born in 1954 with the name Raymond Julian Vicimarli in New Jersey, United States. He was an adoption boy when he was still 6 months old, by Alfred Liotta and Mary Liotta. Ray’s origin sister, Linda Liotta is also adopted. Their origin mother was finally found in 2000s.

Ray Liotta grew well in New Jersey, he even graduated with a degree in fine arts from the University of Miami (1978). Art is his real passion. When he was in college, Ray Liotta had done several theatrical performances . And he receive His first TV appearance in a drama series Another World by NBC. Since then, he got several offers for some major roles in movie and dramas.

Ray became the media limelight after his appearance in Something Wild (1986). He got a role as Ray Sinclair. For his great performance, Ray was in the nominee for Best Supporting actors in some awards including Golden Globe National Society of Film Critics Award and New York Film Critics Circle Award. In the same year, he received Boston Society of Film Critics Award.

4 years later, he played alongside Robert De Niro in Goodfellas  (1990) as Henry Hill. As we know, Goodfellas is one of the best movie in that year.

Don’t you know? Ray Liotta also did voice acting for video games. If you ever play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, then you should know Tommy Vercetti. Ray was the man behind the voice. He even got G-Phoria Award for Best Male Voice Performance and Spike Video Game Awards for Best Performance by a Human. Besides, Ray also do voice acting for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.Awards & Achievements

The Source of Ray Liotta Net Worth

Even though he has not received classy awards like Golden Globe or Emmy, the people still love him. He is big and notable actors. That’s why he has several roles in movies and dramas. Of course his appearances in movies and dramas is his biggest income. Ray Liotta Net Worth should be more than $14 million

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