Renee Ellmers Net Worth and Income
Renee Ellmers Net Worth and Income

How Much is Renee Ellmers Net Worth Today?

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Renee Ellmers Net Worth and Income
Renee Ellmers Net Worth and Income

Most of us probably have not heard much of Renee Ellmers. But if you follow the political issue in U.S, her name won’t be hard to remember. However, in this opportunity, we will discuss about Renee Ellmers net worth. Well, she is the former representative of the Second District of North Carolina in United States Congress who served from 2011 until 2016. She is from the Republican Party.

Renee Ellmers was born as Renee Jacisin in Ironwood, Michigan. She graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing in 1990. However, her pathway in becoming a certified nurse was not smooth. She worked various jobs, including training as a medical assistant in order to pay her tuition.

She started her career in politics after Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which she opposed, emerged. Then, she became active in local Republican politics and joined a free-market political advocacy group, called Americans for Prosperity. She won elections in 2011, 2012, and 2014 defeating Bob Etheridge, Steve Wilkins, and Frank Roche, consecutively.

What Are the Sources of Renee Ellmers Net Worth?

According to some sources, Renee Ellmers has an estimated net worth of $131,502 in 2015. Compared to the other members of congress, her net worth is quite low. However, she invested in several sectors with the health being the second biggest sector which she invested in (the first one is unknown). Following the health sector, there are finance/insurance/real estate and miscellaneous businesses.

Being a congress member does not always mean having a plentiful life. Ellmers does not receive any money from her husband’s job. Credit card debts are also a concerning thing. She has thousands of dollars of it. Her residence is not fully owned by her, either. Some of the money used to buy loaned house. It is said that she also has loans on various things, for example, to buy land. The contradiction between Renee Ellmers net worth and her condition is a proof that sometimes wealth is nothing more than a facade.

Don’t you know listed her name into the 25 Poorest members of Congress. And he was at 5th rank.

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