Richard Dawkins Net Worth and Income
Richard Dawkins Net Worth and Income

Richard Dawkins Net Worth and Income as an English Ethologist

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Richard Dawkins Net Worth and Income
Richard Dawkins Net Worth: $10 million

Some people might be interested in knowing the net worth of artists, musicians, and others. Yet, some of you might wonder how much an ethologist like Richard Dawkins net worth as well. So, in order to make you knowing him better, here is a brief bio about him.

Richard Dawkins has a full name, Clinton Richard Dawkins. Born on March 26th 1941, he is popular as an English evolutionary biologist, ethologist, and also author. He became a well-known person after publishing his book entitled The Selfish Gene in 1976. As a noted academician and also a British biologist, he had owned several books. Those books are mostly about evolutionary biology. Among his books, there is also one book related to atheism.

Since he is very popular, he appears on television and radio regularly. In addition to his occupation, he had ever become a professor in Oxford University in 1995-2008. He worked in Public Understanding of science. To add in his bio, he is the one who creates the term “meme”. Tou will find it in his famous book The Selfish Gene. If you are curios who is the first to introduce the term “meme”, this man is that person you are looking for.

How Much is Richard Dawkins Net Worth?

To sum up, this man is known for introducing concept of term “meme”, extended phenotype, middle world, advocacy of science, new atheism, criticism of religion, and don’t forget about the first one, gene-centered view in the evolution.

Regarding Richard Dawkins net worth nowadays, he might have an estimated net worth up to $10 million. All of his net worth comes from various sources, such as his science career, book sales for sure, and also his appearance on television or radio.

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