Richard Petty Net worth
Richard Petty Net worth

How Much is Richard Petty Net Worth and Income

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Richard Petty Net worth
Richard Petty Net worth : $ 70 million

Richard Petty is a former NASCAR driver. He is very famous for winning several classy Nascar championship. he has won this competition for 7 times. He is truly living legend of Nascar. Richard Petty Net worth is estimated around $ 70 million.

Richard Lee Petty was born in 1937 in North Carolina. His father. Lee Arnold Petty was also a NASCAR winner at his time. The blood of racer seems flowing within this family. Richard Petty’s achievement was influenced by his father. Richard ever told the media that he wanted to be like his daddy. As we know today, Richard Petty was much better than his father. Richard’s son, Kyle was also a racer.  While, his grandson, Adam (Kyle’s son) was also a racer, but he didn’t have a chance to continue the torch. He passed away after an accident in his training.

You might wonder why he was called “The King”. Seeing from his achievement list, it’s so reasonable.  From 1964 to 1981 he had won NASCAR national championship for seven times. Not all the racer could do the same thing. He won Daytona 500 as well. The statistic noted that he had won 200 victories in different tournaments. In 1998 his name was included in NASCAR’s 50 Greatest Drivers

Due to his excellent performance, in 2010 and in 2011 he was on the list of NASCAR Hall of Fame and Diecast Hall of Fame. he also received The Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992.Seeing the records of his work, He is really the King of racers. His record will be hard to achieve by the others. He must be proud to be the living legend.

Richard Pettty Net Worth and Income 2018

His biggest income was from his winning races. And Richard Petty Net wort has reached $70 million. Another his income was as television broadcaster in 1995 by joining CBS after retirement. Even though he is no longer young, he is still active as a spokesman of several product, except alcohol. Richard never accepted any alcohol sponsorship. Because  he has promised it to her mother.

Don’t you know? Richard Petty also appears in some movies incuding “Petty Blue” (his own documentary movie), nascar: the Ride of their lives, etc.


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