Robert Greene net worth and Income
Robert Greene net worth and Income

How Much is Robert Greene Net Worth and Income today?

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Robert Greene net worth and Income
Robert Greene net worth : $ 7 million

Robert Greene is best known as an American author. He has released 5 international bestsellers. Those books are about strategy, power and seduction. Robert Greene net worth currently reaches $7 million. One of his best-seller books is “The 50th Laws”. In writing this book, he collaborated with American Rapper, 50 Cents.

Born in 1959, he grew up well with his Jewish parents in Los Angeles.  He finished his classical study with B.A in  University of Wisconsin-Madison. Based on some sources, Robert Greene really worked hard for his life, he even did more or less 80 kinds of jobs before becoming an international author. He had ever become a construction worker. He also become  a writer for Hollywood movie and magazine editor.  His talent in writing has brought him to fame.

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He then released his first Book “The 48 Laws of Power”. He got inspiration from Sun Tzu. The book itself telling the people about how to get power. This book became best seller after sold out for 1.2 million copies. After 1 years, he released his second book entitled “The Art of Seduction“. The book was sold for more than 500.000 copies. 

The other of his bestseller books are The 33 Strategies of War, The 50th Law and Mastery. The 50th law  stole the people’s attention. Robert Green collaborated with 50 Cents. and it achieved the 5th rank on The New York Times Bestseller list.

The Source of Robert Greene Net Worth

Robert Greene work-hard was paid more than he expected. He successfully show the world that a non-fiction book could lead him to reach success. As you know that commonly Fictional book is quite interesting for many people. You can say some books like “Harry Potter”,”Game of Thrones”, etc. Robert Greene net worth even reached $ 7 million. Thanks to his experience and his talent. All of his income came from his bestseller books. And his first one is really the golden source. This is the biggest income for his bank account.

Some big names like the Late Michael Jackson, Kenye West, Drake, etc read his books too.

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