Roxanne Shante Net Worth and Income
Roxanne Shante Net Worth and Income

Roxanne Shante Net Worth and How She Earned Them

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Roxanne Shante Net Worth and Income
Roxanne Shante Net Worth : $ 500k

Roxanne Shante is hip-hop and rapper musician who popularized single called Roxanne’s revenge. She has been depicted in film called Roxanne. She was in hiatus from music and hip hop world, but still participated in few events, including coaching young rapper. Well, the source of Roxanne Shante net worth was primarily counted from her two albums.

Her name was Lolita Shante Gooden and born in Queens, New York. Rapping became her activity since the age of nine and she decided to adopted new name as Roxanne. She was born at 1969 and started to involve in hip hop event in 1984. One of her accomplishments was in U.T.F.O with her two fellow rappers. However, she could not make it, but released Hanging Out as single. From that time, she received offer to produce more songs. Moreover, her masterpiece was Roxanne’s Revenge. This track turned her into one of young rapper that gained wide and vast popularity.

From Blender, Shante obtained bachelor from Marymount Manhattan College. Then, she pursued postgraduate degree in Cornell University. Education is another reason why she stopped to perform in her mid-twenties. Taking hiatus means no activity related to hip-hop and rap anymore.

Details of Roxanne Shante Net Worth

In 2008, Roxanne Shante started to be active again to perform her iconic song. The other projects were cameo, guest appearance, and live performance. She participated in guest appearance at Ms Rap Supreme and did live performance occasionally.

Her two albums were Bad Sister and The Bitch is back. Both are the source of Roxanne shante net worth that is estimated $500,000. This number is just estimation. She also released her Greatest Hits album in 1995. Her albums might be only two, but Roxanne’s Revenge belonged to the top list song from VH1 Greatest Songs of Hip Hop.



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