Financial Samurai Net Worth
Financial Samurai Net Worth

How Much is The Owner of Financial Samurai Net Worth?

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Financial Samurai Net Worth
Financial Samurai Net Worth

First launched in 2009, Financial Samurai website is getting famous. Sam Dogen, the owner of the website surely gains Financial Samurai net worth. Focusing to help and explain about finance, the website has been popular site for twenty-five million people in less a decade. With a fantastic number of visitors, Sam could have more $200,000 income each year.

Sam graduated from University of California. Then, he worked in Goldman Sachs on Wall Street until 2009. In that year, a big crisis suffered knocks most businessmen down including Sam. Magically, the website that was firstly used to redeem the loss then turned into everybody’s favorite financial website.

In the website, Sam accepts advertising that could be a source of his income. Besides writing about financial tips or plans, he writes about reviews of financial products as well. Due to useful and interesting posting on his website, it has approximately 30,000 until 40,000 views each day. What make this website famous are the topics related to private equity, online entrepreneurship, bonds and stocks, as well as real estate strategies.

Financial Samurai Net Worth Sources

To gain $200,000 each year, Sam has many sources. Mainly from Financial Samurai website, advertising or even paid review is one source. Famous for his financial advice, Sam also often receive invitation for interviews. His major publication is mostly by famous institution, such as The Consumerist, Forbes, This Sydney Herald, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal Online, and others.

Besides Financial Samurai net worth, another thing that also contributes to Sam’s total net worth is investment. Sam mostly invests his $810,000 in a real estate business. He also ever owned a rental house, but now it was already sold. He is also currently published his own book for employers to achieve their legal rights and severance package.

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