Sarah Rafferty Net Worth and Income
Sarah Rafferty Net Worth and Income

How Much is Sarah Rafferty Net Worth and Income

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Sarah Rafferty Net Worth and Income
Sarah Rafferty Net Worth: $ 6 million

Sarah Rafferty is an American television and film actress. She is popular for portraying Donna Paulsen in suits.   Sarah Rafferty Net Worth reaches $ 6 million and surely it will continue to increase.  He used to attend Phillips Academy graduate in Andover, Massachusetts in 1989.

She married to a stock analyst, Aleksanteri Olli-Pekka Seppälä. And they currently have two daughters. They are OOna Gray and Iris Friday. She has roles in many TV shows, such as Trinity, CSI, Charmed, Numb3rs, All things valentine, and her most successful show “Suits”. Her performance with Anna Hathaway in “ The Devil Wears Prada” also provides a huge income.

She had starred some titles of movies. Those included Mambo CaféSoccer Dog: European CupFour Single Fathers, etc.  However, she is most popular as Television actress. She played her first TV career as an actress in 1998. There, she played as Sarah in Trinity. She finally got main role in Suits. This TV series has run since 2011 till now. And she has been in this series for more or less 106 episodes.

The source of Sarah Rafferty Net Worth

Based on some sources, Sarah Rafferty income can receive $ 600.000 annually. Almost all her income was from some TV series she starred. Thanks to Suits, she can increase the amount of her worth due to her regular role. Of course, it will increase more sooner or later. Her income from Suits was the biggest source of money. The total amount of Sarah Rafferty Net Worth reached more or less USD 6 millions. She also receive some income from contracts, royalties, and sponsorship.

Beside acting in TV series and movies, Sarah usually appears  and perform in several theatrical shows in New York. . In addition, Sarah also does some business with some friends.

Don’t you know? Sarah currently has a luxurious house with worth $ 1.1 million. And she has cars including Mercedes and BMW. One of her car was a Mercedes SUV for $ 50,000.


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