Shaun Cassidy Net Worth and Income
Shaun Cassidy Net Worth and Income

How Much is Shaun Cassidy Net Worth and Income 2018

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Shaun Cassidy Net Worth and Income
Shaun Cassidy Net Worth : $ 22 million

Shaun Cassidy is a multi-talented star. He is not only popular as a singer,  he also do Screenwriter, Actor, and Film Producer too. Shaun Cassidy Net Worth is around $22 million. As an actor her is popular for starring in The Hardy Boys Mysteries (1977-1979)

Born in Los Angeles in 1958. The blood of artist has been within Cassidy Family. His father, Jack Cassidy was a singer and actor. While, his brother David Cassidy was also multi-talented man. Unfortunately, David had just passed away in November 2017, because of Liver Failure.

Shaun debuted as a singer. He released his first album in 1976. His “Da Doo Ron Ron” hits the America. it became number one single. And it even makes him nominated as the best new Artist in Grammy Award. Shaun also expanded his talent as an actor. His appearance in The Hardy Boys made his name so popular. He played alongside Parker Stevenson. In this TV series, they acted as a detective. For his excellent performance, Shaun Cassidy got nominated in Grammy Awards as Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. Along his career, Shaun has released a number of albums and  singles. He also starred various titles of TV series and movies.

Besides, he also worked as a writer and producers for some movies including American Gothic, Roar,Te Mountain, Ruby & The Rockits, Histeria, Emerald City, etc

The Source of Shaun Cassidy Net worth

Shaun Cassidy is a successful in both singer and actor. Of course, it increase his popularity. Most of his income was from his performance as a singer and actor. Shaun Cassidy involved in various title of movies and TV series. This is one of his biggest income. While, by performing as singer he also got plenty of profit. Shaun Cassidy net worth currently is $22 million. Till now, Shaun Cassidy is still active as a singer. He goes around on tour. His loyal fans would love to him perform on stage.

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