Simon Cowell Net Worth and Income
Simon Cowell Net Worth and Income

Simon Cowell Net Worth and Income as The Talent Shows Judge

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Simon Cowell Net Worth and Income
Simon Cowell Net Worth : $ 550 million

If you are a fan of talent shows, you must recognize him well. It must not be hard for the name, Simon Cowell to ring the bell in your head. To say that he is the key player of Syco Entertainment is such a good description. With that brain, Simon Cowell Net Worth is worth of a whole $550 million.

You see, his career started rather smoothly in all actuality. With a father who that time became one of the executives in a well-known industry, you will wonder what’s more that he can get right? But unfortunately, sometimes things just didn’t work out; turned out that he didn’t get that promotion. Feeling ambitious as ever, Simon eventually left the company to make one of his own.

Long story short, after several obstacles he faced, he was offered an A&R Consultant position for BMG. Even if he was still young at that time—when he entered his 30s, this is the best decision that Simon Cowell has ever made in his career. Yes, after all of this, he began to step up his game and eventually signed couples of successful musicians such as Westlife.

The Source of Simon Cowell Net Worth

The source of his fortune mostly comes from his activity in the music industry, obviously. To list some of them, his appearance in several talent shows is enough to represent the amount of money that he got. As an illustration, a couple of years ago he signed the five-year-long contract for American Idol. This show is for one popular talent show in America. His appearance in the show had granted him about $36 million a year.

Now, You can look at the numbers of talent shows that Simon got to judge. You will realize that it is not an odd thing for him to have half of a billion dollars. Indeed, as someone who was listed in the 2017’s Forbes Top 100 Highest Paid Celebrity, it is not surprising for Simon Cowell Net Worth to reach those numbers.

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