Sonoya Mizuno Net Worth and Income
Sonoya Mizuno Net Worth and Income

Sonoya Mizuno Net Worth and income, Beautiful Japanese Actress and Ballerina

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Sonoya Mizuno Net Worth and Income
Sonoya Mizuno Net Worth and Income

Sonoya Mizuno is a Japanese-British actress. She appears in various titles of movies. And one of them  is “La La Land”. She played as Caitlin alongside some top names in Hollywoo including Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling and John Legend. Sonoya Mizuno net worth is still under review. And some sources predicted that she may have $1 million dollars.

Sonoya Mizuno was born on July 1, 1986  in Tokyo. Her father is  Japanese man while her mother is British-Argentinian woman. She is also very popular as Ballerina. Based on the data, Sonoya graduated from Royal Ballet School. Before becoming an actress, she earlier began popular as a model for some brands.  Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton ever chose her as the model.She also ever worked in some Ballerina companies.

As an actress, she actually made her debut in Ex Machina (2014), there she played as Kyoko. Then she played in High Strung, a dance film. And she became Emma Stone’s room mate, in La la Land.  While this year, 2018, she will be in 4 projects of movies includingAnnihilation,Crazy Rich Asians, Ambition,The Domestics

The Source of Sonoya Mizuno Net Worth

The 32 years old actress. Had made several sources of income. Surely, her job as model and actress are two biggest sources of her income. She had appeared in several movies. She also found herself as model for some international brands. Besides, she also got some offers as Ballerina as well.

Talking about Sonoya Mizuno net worth, she might have 1 million dollar in her bank account, even though it was still unclear.

Short Info about Sonoya Mizuno Bio

Full NameSonoya Mizuno
Place, Date of BirthTokyo, July 1st. 1986
Height1.7 m
Social MediaSonoya Mizuno Instagram (@sonoya)
Net WorthProbably $ 1 million

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