Steve Gonsalves Net Worth and Income
Steve Gonsalves Net Worth and Income

How Much is The Ghost Hunter Steve Gonsalves Net Worth?

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Steve Gonsalves Net Worth and Income
Steve Gonsalves Net Worth: $ 400.000

Steve Gonsalves is popular for the role as a member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society and Ghost Hunters Investigation Team. He has been in industry for years. But some reports tolfd that he would quit the job as a ghost hunter last year. The latest news regarding Steve Gonsalves net worth inferred that his total amount of revenue has reached the number of $400,000. That is almost and so near to half of billion.

Steve was born in Massachusetts 42 years ago. As someone who is working in the field related to paranormal phenomena, Steve Gonsvales, who is also a horror movie enthusiast, has shown his interest since he was young. When he was a teenager, Steve even conducted his own investigation with his friends. This is a major proof as to how devoted he is to the paranormal world.

Aside from working for TAPS and Ghost Hunters, he is also a part-time drummer in a band, Perpetual Doom. In some occasions, he even participates in a television programs production.

The Sources of Steve Gonsalves Net Worth

One cannot say the amount mentioned above is correct to represent his net worth. He has a various entertainment activities including drummer, host, and producers. These activities  contribute a lot in his total revenue. He is even declared as one of the most loaded ghost hunters in the industry by some magazine.

Additionally, in the past years, he started to have his way on real estate as well as social media businesses. Furthermore, it was not mentioned in any of above paragraphs but actually, Steve Gonsvales was a police officer for once in his past career. It may not be a lot, but well, his police activity may have a role as well in deciding Steve Gonsalves net worth.


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