How Much is Steve Spurrier Net Worth and Income 2018?

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Steve Spurrier Net Worth 2018 and income
Steve Spurrier Net Worth : $4.4 million

Stephen Orr Spurrier is known as a former American football. Steve has worked as a head coach for three different colleges and two professional clubs. Steve Spurrier net worth is a round 15 million dollars with annual salary touched $4 million dollars. Many people called him “The Head Ball”

Born in April 1945, Steve started his career in Florida as a quarter back. He played as a professional NFL player for years, before he decided to take a new role as a coach. As a player, he ever won the Heisman Trophy in his senior season of 1966.

As a coach, he had handled 3 colleges team and 2 professional team. When he was coaching Florida Gators he got unforgettable moment. Some of them including:

  • Winning one national championship
  • They even Won six SEC championships (1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000).
  • Became SEC Coach of the Year five times (1990, 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996)
  • Spurrier is also one of only two coaches in major college history who can win ten or more games in six consecutive seasons (1993–1998).
  • The Florida Gator is the only college football team that score at least 500 points, including bowl games, for four consecutive years (1993–1996) since the NCAA 1937

Steve Spurrier decided to retire coaching in year 2015 after spending more or less 10 years with South Carolina Gamecocks. And currently in his old days, he works as an ambassador and consultant for the athletic department in University of Florida’s.

Steve Spurrier Net Worth 2018

His income was mostly from his career as a American Football player and a coach. He earned most of it by coaching some clubs. Steve Spurrier net worth is arounf $ 15 million dollars. But it seems like it was not over yet. Because, recently, the latest news told that Steve Spurrier might go coaching (again). Reported by, The Orlando Alliance had announced of hiring Steve Spurrier as their first team coach. Spurrier even said that he was on fire and ready to go. Will he bring back his surprising coaching career? Unfortunately, there’s still no confirmation about the contract deal. Of coure Steve Spurrier Net Worth 2018 will increase more.


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