Steven Raichlen net worth and income
Steven Raichlen net worth and income

How much is Steven Raichlen Net Worth and Income Today?

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Steven Raichlen net worth and income
Steven Raichlen net worth : $ 400.000

Steven Raichlen is known best as an author. He loves writing especially about the culinary. He even become popular in America. Besides, he also has a role as a TV host, a novelist as well. He is doing his hobby and he earned a lot of money from this. Steven Raichlen net worth is around $400.000.

Steven Raichlen ws born in Nagoya, Japan. And he grew up in Maryland, US. From his education,  Steven graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in French literature  from Reed College. Then he also received a Thomas J. Watson Foundation Fellowship. He got a chance to study medieval cooking in Europe.

Steven Raichlen also trained at La Varenne and Le Cordon Bleu in French. These are cooking schools in Paris. To share his thought and knowledge about cooking, Steven then wrote some books.  Some of his books included  How to Grill, Miami Spice, The Barbecue Bible, BBQ USA, etc. Don’t you know? Those books have already been translated into more or less 15 different languages.

The Source of Steven Raichlen Net Worth

Steven Raichlen has a very good career. On TV, he also appeared in a TV program called Barbecue University, or commonly known as BBQ U. The show ran for three years on TV since 2003 until 2006. Two years later, In 2008, he had became a host for Primal Grill.  Steven did various TV shows on TV, and he also has published some popular culinary book as well. Those are some sources of his income. So far, Steven Raichlen net worth reached $400.000. It could increase more.

Don’t you know? He also created novel in 2012. Steven has released his first ever novel. It was Island Apart.  The novel told about a Chappaquiddick hermit’s developing relationship with a cancer patient. Steven Raichlen has become an inspiring and successful person.

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