Tera Patrick Net Worth and Income
Tera Patrick Net Worth and Income

How Much is Tera Patrick Net Worth and Income?

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Tera Patrick Net Worth and Income
Tera Patrick Net Worth : $ 17 million

Tera Patrick is an American model. But he is better known for her adult film star. . She got the combination of European and Southeast Asia. There are a lot of people who loves her beauty. Currently, Tera Patrick Net Worth is around 17 million dollars.

Born in Montana, little Tera Patrick must leave with his father. Because her mother left her when she was ten. She had a passion to be model. She even joined a modelling class for two years. Before she was noticed by an agency from Japan. She had a very hard days in japan because of the poor treat by a photographer. She addicted to Alcohol and drugs. And you know what happen. When she went back to US, she still study and finished degrees in microbiology and nursing.

Along her acting career, Tera posed for Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler magazines. And she did appear in many adult film. And in 2008, she decided to retire and focus on managing website and do another TV show. For playboy hosted some programs. She also ever played in a horror movie from Indonesia in 2010.

About her personal life, Tera married to Evan Seinfeld, an adult film actor. They did made some films. Unfortunately, they both decided to divorce and spend their life as a partners of work. And she also write a book. She can be said as an author too. She is actually very talented. But she just do the extreme way to become an adult film stars.

The source of Tera Patrick net Worth

Terra had mostly spend her early time as an adult film star. she also got some roles in TV show of Playboy, Penthouse, etc. She also do another business. So far, Tera Patrick Net Worth reached $17 million dollars. You might also know about the other ventures of hers. Those included an herbal product called Python for men and Naughty for women 2005. While she also got brand for her clothing line,

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