James Spader Net Worth and Income
James Spader Net Worth and Income

The Blacklist Star, James Spader Net Worth and Income

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James Spader Net Worth and Income
James Spader Net Worth : $ 10 million

James Spader net worth is around $10 million dollars. The popular American actor is known best for his role in American TV series, “The Blacklist”. Earlier, the 58-years-old star also got amazing work motion pictures like “Pretty in Pink” in 1986 and “Sex, Lies, and Videotape”.

In 1960, he was born with real name, James Todd Spader. Both his parents were teacher. He used to attend Phillips Academy. However, he dropped out from the school and move to New York City to reach his dream to be an actor. He then joined Michael Chekhov School.

Of course, it was not instant to be popular actor. He even needed to do many works before getting a role on the screen. Before becoming an actor, he had various jobs. Those included loading railroad cars, busboy, stable boy, truck driver, and even yoga instructor.

He finally received an offer for a very first major as supporting role in “Endless Love” in 1981. Since then he became recognized by the public. He even receive more income and offers. Some movies in his early career (before 1990) including, “Tuff Turf”,  “Pretty in Pink”,  “Mannequin”, “Sex, Lies, and Videotape”, etc.  He even won Cannes Film Festival for Best Actor.

The source of James Spader Net Worth and Income

Since his debut in 1981, he had been in entertainment industry for nearly 4 decades. Of course, James Spader income was mostly from his role in TV series and movies. He had received many offers for those. Currently, he played as the leader of “The Blacklist” Cast. Some medias even reported that he could receive more or less $125,000 per episode. So far, the total of James Spader Net Worth is estimated around $ 10 million

Till now, he has starred various titles of movies. And His role in Avengers: Age of Ultron stole the public attention.  In this movie, he played a role as Ultron. He was nominated in 2 categories of MTV including  Best Villain, and Best Virtual Performance.

While for TV series, The Practice and Boston Legal (2004–2008) successfully brought his name to the top of his career. As Alan Shore, he won Prime-time Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. And he was nominated in Golden Globe for best actor in TV drama.

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