Tony Bennett Net Worth and Income
Tony Bennett Net Worth and Income

Artistry Career Builds Tony Bennett Net Worth 2018

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Tony Bennett Net Worth and Income
Tony Bennett Net Worth : $ 50 million

Tony Bennett is known as a versatile artist. He is not only a renowned figure in the music scene. This man is also an accomplished painter. Tony Bennett net worth is among the most impressive of famous artists. In his old age, he still continues to perform and receives appraisal for his amazing stages.

He was born as Anthony Dominick Benedetto on August 3, 1926 in Queens, New York. He has an Italian background from both side of the family. Bennett experienced Great Depression in his childhood years. Despite the hardship, his father instilled love for arts. He started singing since young age and also learned about painting. He even enrolled to an art school to study both subjects although he eventually dropped out to earn money for his family.

Bennett’s career breakthrough happened after he signed with a major record company. He approaches contemporary music genres throughout his career but is best known for his jazz and pop products. His most notable works are “I Left My Heart in San Fransisco” and “Rags to Riches”. Throughout his career as musician, he received many critical accolades including Grammy Awards. He released paintings under his birth name which are still displayed to public in several art institutions.

Tony Bennett Net Worth and Income from His Work in Artistry

More than 50 million records of his music have been sold worldwide. In addition to his album sales, Bennett still gives out performances all around the country. You can still expect to see his concert tickets sold out at a venue. As a painter, he also finds success. He regularly gives visits to various museums. His paintings and drawings can be sold for around $80,000/piece.

Despite experiencing a slump in the middle of his career, this artist was able to pick himself up and got even greater financial success. Tony Bennett net worth is predicted to be around $200 million, accumulated from his long artistry career.


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