Top 10 Most Amazing Galaxies In The Universe

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We all are aware that our Universe is both incredible and massive. We all have read the definition of a galaxy in childhood, let me recall it, A galaxy is a massive system full of stars, planets, dust, and gas. They all gravitationally romp together. Our solar system belongs to the Milky Way galaxy. It is estimated that milky way galaxy has approximately 100 billion stars. Also, there are about two trillion galaxies approximately in our entire Universe. Surprised! NASA, Space, Space Science, Science

All the Galaxies are one of the amazing space discoveries in the universe have some general pattern like Milky Way galaxy are spiral-shaped but there are many have irregular or elliptical shaped. The primary factor is the gravitational interactions that bound them together. But one thing is common in all galaxies they all look like an art beautifully designed by some supernatural power. Also, there are many space facts that you probably don’t know.

All the strange Galaxies in the universe that we will be listing today in the article are known to astronomers by two different classifications. The classification is known as the Messier catalog and the other one is the New General Catalog. Let me brief you about these two catalogs, Messier’s catalog was compiled long back in 1771 by a French astronomer known as Charles Messier. Messier listed all non-comet items with the help of his assistant named Pierre Mechain. The New General Catalog(NGC) was compiled by John Louis Emil Dreyer. It was a list of various deep sky objects. There are plentiful revisions done have made a refined list of 7,840 deep space objects.

From colliding galaxy to interacting galaxy, here is a list of 10 most amazing galaxies in the universe, NASA, Space, Space Science, Science


NASA, Space, Space Science, Science

It is also known as M104 or NGC 4594. It has a bright central nucleus and a large central bulge. Also, a dust lane can be seen in the shape of an inclined disk. It has an apparent magnitude of +9.0 which means it can be easily seen from an amateur telescope. The dark dust lane and a large central bulge together give it a shape of a sombrero. It is one of the beautiful galaxies in the universe making it an attraction for all astronomers. You will also find interesting reading about exceptional and amazing astronomical events.

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