Top 5 Richest Celebrity Net Worth (Actors) From America

Entertainment industry has become so popular business around the world. Many people love to be singer, model or actors. Because they could earn million dollars from here. Many of you might wonder who the richest celebrity is? for now, we have the list of 5 Richest actor in America. Here are Top 5 Celebrity Net Worth (actor) in US. Check This Out!

Adam Sandler Net Worth

Adam Sandler Net Worth and Income

Richest Celebrity Net Worth : 5. Adam Sandler Net Worth: $ 400 million

Who doesn’t know Adam Sandler? He is genius comedian from Brooklyn, New York, Amerika Serikat. He is also known as famous musician, film producer,businessman and screenwriter as well. Adam could receive more or less $20 million dollars for one movie. Adam Sandler net worth could have reached  $400 million. It made him ranked in 5th position of the richest actors in America.

Most of Adam Sandler income was from his acting career. He has been in this entertainment industry for 3 decades. And he has already appeared in many popular movies and TV shows.  And most of them are so popular and became box office globally. Some of the movies and TV shows he starred included The Wedding Singer (1998), 50 First Dates (2004), Click (2006), Grown Ups (2010) and many more. He also contributed as voice actor in some animated movies. Hotel Transylvania series is included

Johnny Depp Net Worth

Johnny Depp Net Worth

Richest Celebrity Net Worth: 4. Johnny Depp Net worth $400 Million)

Johnny Depp is popular and multi-talented actors from Owensboro, Kentucky, United States. He also receives $20 million dollars for one movie. He was listed among the highest-paid actors. His popularity increased for his role in  TV series 1990, 21 Jump Street. The fans around the world love him and in awe fro his acting skill.

For many years, he has starred various successful TV shows and Movies. And the movie series Pirates of Caribbean is one of his successful projects along his career. The movie franchise got profit for more than $ 4.5 billion dollars world wide. Johnny Depp net Worth is around $ 400 million

Tom cruise net worth

Tom cruise net worth

Richest Celebrity Net Worth: 3. Tom Cruise net worth: $550 Million

There’s no doubt that Tom Cruise was one of the most popular actors. It would be strange if you never hear his name. Born in Syracuse, New York, He has become so famous due to his successful movies. Don’t you know? Tom Cruise began his career when he was still 19 in Endless Love (1981). 37 years has past, Tom Cruise net worth is around 550 million dollars. It’s reasonable if he could achieve three Academy Awards nomination and three Golden Globe Awards. One of his popular movies was Mission Impossible franchise. Along his career which is nearly 4 decades, Tom Cruise net worth was estimated round $550 million dollars.

Tyler Perry net Worth and income

Tyler Perry net Worth and income

Richest Celebrity Net Worth: 2. Tyler Perry Net Worth: $600 Million

Tyler Perry was ranked in the second position of the richest actor in Hollywod today. He is also known as a film director, screenwriter and comedian too. He is not only successful as an actor. And he also reaches success through directing films. In Fact, Tyler Perry has been one of the most influential person in Hollywood. Tyler Perry mostly starred the movies he directed. Many of them reached success. For his great achievement as director and actor, Forbes put his name  in the highest paid man in entertainment list.  Diary of a Mad Black Woman went on to gross US$50.6 million. Tyler Perry Net Worth reached $ 600 million dollars.

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth and Income

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth and Income

Richest Celebrity Net Worth: 1. Jerry Seinfeld net worth : $900 Million

Jerry Seinfeld is in the first position of an actor who has the highest net worth. he is popular as Actor, Producer and director. Besides, he is also a popular comedian in this country. With Larry David, Jerry created and starred a sitcom Seinfeld from 1989 to 1998. Since his early career, Jerry Seinfel had starred some movies and many TV series.

Currently, he is starring Jerry Before Seinfeld. The album of the special was even nominated for a 2018 Grammy  Award for Best Comedy Album. Besides, he also hosted Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee since 2012 till now.

Don’t you know? he ever Published his book titled, ‘Seinlanguage’  in 1993. From all the TV program and movies he starred Jerry Seinfeld net worth is estimated around $ 900 Million dollars.He should be the richest comedian in America right now.

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