Travis Tritt Net Worth and Income
Travis Tritt Net Worth and Income

How Much is Travis Tritt Net Worth and Income today?

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Travis Tritt Net Worth and Income
Travis Tritt Net Worth: $ 35 million

James Travis Tritt was born in 1963. He is popular as a country music singer, songwriter, and actor too. Along his career, he had released 11 studio albums since 1990. You might ever enjoyed one of his greatest song “Best of Intentions”. Travis Tritt Net worth is around $ 35 Million.

When he was in high school, his passion in music showed. He attended Sprayberry High School. At that time, James wrote songs. And “Spend a Little Time” was said as his first song about an ex-girlfriend. He then performed the song alongside his friend who was also contributing in him songwriting. When he was still teenager, he experienced in performing in some clubs. He also worked for an air conditioning company. Fortunately, when Danny davenport, an assistance of Warner Bros Record, he finally could record a demo. It was Proud of the Country.  Davenport also helped him finding a fine manager for James. Ken Kragen became his manager.

When he signed a contract with Warner bros, he should record 6 singles, not album. And he needed to get at least one of the songs make the hits. Surprisingly he could make it. His songs were on the charts. Don’t you know? his first single, Country Club was even certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in 1991.  His musical career was on the top during 90’s – 2000’s.  Since then she had released some studio albums, with many of his songs became hits.

Travis received two Grammy awards in 1992 and 1999 for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.

The Sources of Travis Tritt Net Worth

His decision to choose music career had brought him to fame and wealth. Most of his income was from his career as a musician. So far, Travis Tritt Net Worth has reached $35 dollars. Further he also took roles in some films and TV series. Those included Hee Haw, The Cowboy Way, The Long Kill, etc. In this year, 2018, he will appear in Forever My Girl. Of course his acting career gave him some income too.

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