Trevor Noah Net Worth and His Brief Biography
Trevor Noah Net Worth and His Brief Biography

Trevor Noah Net Worth, Income and His Brief Biography

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Trevor Noah Net Worth and His Brief Biography
Trevor Noah Net Worth: $ 13 million

Trevor Noah net worth and his brief biography might be interesting story to tell. He is known as a comedian. He comes from South Africa and the career began in a soap opera as a minor character. The soap opera was Isidingo. Later on, he became a host in The Amazing Date. It was a show.

Trevor Noah was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on February 20th 1984. Getting back on his career, he performed on a program on television namely Trevor Noah: The Daywalker. It was a stand-up show. It was a big success and led him to have his own show. In 2010, he had his own show: Tonight with Trevor Noah.

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Moreover, he also had his subsequent stand-up show. There were four shows: African American, That’s racist, Trevor Noah: Crazy Normal and it’s my culture. To add in his career, he then became a host for his own talk show. The show was The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Along with his career up to now, he draws many positive reviews. Los Angeles Times and The New York Times even have ever praised him for his good work in the entertainment field.

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We have talked about him from his career in television work. Aside from that, he has launched a book in 2016 entitled Born a Crime. He signed a book deal with Spiegel & Grau to be able publishing the book. It is mentioned then that a film will adapt the book in the near future.

Next, let’s talk about Trevor Noah net worth. It is exciting to know how celebrities earn in their life. As for Trevor himself, his net worth is around $13 million. For a man who is still in a young age, it is such a big amount. That income was from all his activities in entertainment industry.

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