Yoona Net Worth and Income
Yoona Net Worth and Income

SNSD Yoona Net Worth and Income, The Highest Paid Actress

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Yoona Net Worth and Income
Yoona Net Worth : 11 Million dollars

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) might be lucky to have Im Yoon-ah, or Yoona as their member. Yoona is one of the prettiest Korean female idol. She is also talented in singing, dancing and acting. There is no doubt that she got a lot of fans domestically and international. So far, Yoona Net Worth has reached $ 11 million.

Born in May 1990, Yoona needed 5 years to train herself in dancing, acting and singing before debuting. Compared to other members in SNSD, she got low range of vocals. As you know that Taeyeon is the best among them in singing. Yoona nearly change to focus on acting because of her voice. But a choreographer of SM Entertainment convinced her to go forward, because her dancing skill will be benefit for the group.

She has been in the group since 2007. It has been 11 years since their debut. Even though they need to separate with Jessica Jung, the group still go through. Many albums and singles have been released. And they often do concerts in Korea and overseas.

Yoona grew with SNSD very well. Among the members, Yoona is one of them who got biggest fan-base. A lot of people loved to see her performing both on stage and acting on Drama. Yoona had starred various titles of Drama and movies. Some of them are You are My Destiny, Love Rain, K2, etc. In K2, he played alongside a cool actor, Ji Chang Wook.

And recently, She has stolen the media limelight after starring Hyori’s Home Stay.

The Source of Yoona Net Worth and Income

It has been 11 years since her debut. Yoona income was from all the activities he did so far. She got much income with the group career and solo career. And the biggest income should be from her acting career. She has starred various titles of Drama and movies.  Ans she is listed among the female actress who received the highest salary for one episode. Her appearance in Chinese Drama, God of War Zhao Yun, She could receive $43.000 per episode.

Besides, she also become the model and the brand ambassador for many popular products. Im Yoona Net Worth has reached 11 million dollars. Of course it can be much higher sooner or later.

Don’t you know? She ever had special relationship with Lee Seung Gi

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